Monday, August 10, 2015


I'm a finalist in the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award held this year at the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum in country Victoria. The opening is August 29th and the exhibition runs through until October 18th. So if you are in the area, go and check out the exhibition, lots of metalwork from over 50 talented jewellers and silversmiths.
The pieces are called "You're Growing on Me" another small series of works in my 'Contained Adornment' series, small containers that hold jewellery. The containers are made from flat copper sheet that has been hammered, formed and then soldered together with a black patina. The silver pieces are hand fabricated and I used a technique called repousse to form the blobs for the ring and earrings. The neckpiece has over 150 small moveable pieces.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


One lump or two...  2015 Sylvia Nevistic
Spoon: 925 silver, bio resin
Container: copper, 925 silver, silver plate, bio resin

Sometimes when coming up with an idea for an object I won't start from the form or it's function, I will just play around with words until I come up with a name for something and then work back from there. I chose this method for 'One lump or two...'. 

So, the obvious choice was something to do with sugar, I decided to make a sugar container. One of the 'lumps' made of bio resin on the top of the container is connected to the spoon which is hidden inside the container. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Abstract Containers - Bio Resin and Brass made 2014

I have taught many young children in my career and witnessed their freedom when drawing and painting. It's a freedom I see in many artists that I admire such as Jean Arp, or Matisse. These containers are a little nod to my favourite abstract artists, including those children. 

Freehand forms were drawn on wood, then cut out to make a die. The brass was then pressed into the die using a hydraulic press and the two halves then soldered together. They were then connected to the resin containers. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It is time to look back at the year that has flown by so quickly. There have been a lot of changes in my neck of the woods this year. With a move to Adelaide and joining other creatives at the JamFactory it's certainly been a full year. It's been great for me to be forced to step outside what I deem comfortable and I think that this has given me a real sense of who I am and what I am capable of. I am so lucky to have met some very lovely people this year through the studios at the JamFactory and also through the classes I teach there. 

It hasn't been all smooth sailing and I did find it difficult initially moving to a place where I knew no-one, but I dug my heels in, decided to take people as they are and just have some fun. Reminding myself to just live in the moment and take each day as it comes is my mantra and I hope to continue to do this in the year ahead. 

Being so busy hasn't helped with keeping this blog going. I have however been posting photos of what I am getting up to on my Instagram feed (so follow me here if you want to see more frequent updates of what I am doing). I'm enjoying checking out many other feeds and came across this one +Humans of New York 

One night, I read nearly all of the feeds, which was a feat in itself and my emotions were all over the shop, wow humans are amazing. I read some heartbreaking comments and also some extremely uplifting ones as well. This comment below really resonated with me and I hope it does with you too dear reader. The picture was of a woman and her mother, she was asked "What's your favourite thing about your mother?" Her response was...

"She loves life more than anyone I've ever known. I hope she doesn't mind me telling you this, but recently she's had some health problems and her health has got so bad at one point, she called me and said: I was starting to wonder if there was any reason to go on. But then I had the most delicious pear!"

I will leave you be dear reader and wish you all the very best for this new year that is before us and I hope that you might take at least one chance, I know I will. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello dear reader, I hope this blog post finds you well. It seems as though my blog has been on the back burner for a while. Thought I should remedy the situation and share something with you. I have been busy settling in to life here in Adelaide and getting some work done. 

I had some fun making these pieces for the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. I have always loved Ernst Haeckel's drawings and thought I might have a go at making some small scale sculptures based on his work. Each piece has been hammered, cut, raised and constructed by hand from flat copper sheet, the surface was then treated to give it a patina. I have just found out that I am a finalist in the Sculpture and Objects category, which is fabulous! So, look out for my pieces in July at the South Australian Museum. 

Until next time, take care dear reader...

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hello dear reader, I hope this finds you well. I am slowly settling in to my new life here in Adelaide. I have set up my workbench at the Jam Factory and have been playing around with making models to visualise my ideas in a three dimensional format. Will spend some time experimenting with the types of materials I would like to use and document some of this process here and on my facebook and instagram pages in the future. 

In the meantime I thought I'd share with you some images from a day out I had at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Dark Heart, the title of the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art exhibition curated by Gallery Director Nick Mitzevich showcases some of Australia's better known contemporary artists "...delving into the darkness, to those places we seldom see...". 

I met this lovely woman on the bus the other day who is a member of the art gallery and an advocate for contemporary art (she would have to be in her eighties). She was praising the Director and his decisions over the last couple of years. When I took a stroll through the permanent collections I noticed many contemporary works side by side with historical pieces. I really like this juxtaposition and the idea of not separating genres and periods of art, in a way it forces those who are purely interested in traditional art to be exposed to something contemporary and vice versa. Perhaps this was something the new director implemented? 

Anyway, the images below are from one of my favourite artists, Ah Xian, a Chinese-Australian artist who has used the human figure in his work for many years. The text below was included in the exhibition.

"These eight bronze busts reference traditional Chinese appreciation of the alchemic qualities of minerals considered to transcend the material. They are inexorably linked to the spiritual and divine realms, while also alluding to the mining boom that has brought his two countries of residence into close association."

If you are in Adelaide or are thinking about making your way here definitely check out this exhibition and come and check out the Jam Factory while you are at it. 

Until next time dear reader, take care of you and yours. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well hello dear reader, it has been some time since I wrote anything on my little blog, so I thought I should remedy that situation and slam a few words down. Life has been exhausting for me of late, lots of working and not a lot of resting, but it's all been very worthwhile. Now that I have some time to breathe a little, I thought I would send out a big thank you to all that have supported me this year. If you have bought a piece of my jewellery, attended one of my classes or just made me a cuppa this year, I want to tell you that your support means the world to me. You all have made a difference in my life, you make it all worthwhile and I am very grateful for your generosity. 

So, I guess you are wondering why I have popped a video about The Jam Factory on my blog, well that's part of my news. I have been accepted into the associate program in the metals studio! I will be relocating to Adelaide and get to spend the next two years doing what I love. I am planning on working on larger scale objects and vessels and am so excited to get the chance to be in this unique environment!

So, dear reader wish me luck. I will post more next year about what I get up to and you can check out my instagram and facebook pages as well, to see what's going down in Adelaide town. 

Happy New Year all! I hope that the new year treats you well and you achieve all that you wish for yourself. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I certainly have been busy over the last little while. Plenty of things on the boil, but I guess as the saying goes 'when it rains - it pours'. I am taking part in a pop-up show and tell shop at the Art Gallery of Ballarat (the Annexe - back of the gallery) next weekend. If you happen to be in the rat next weekend I would love to see you. There will be a few makers showing their wares and doing a few demos over the weekend. 

Some of the pieces are things I have been making for years and I have created some new things as well. You can see what I will have on offer at my instagram and facebook pages. I have big plans next year to start making different kinds of things, my goal is to start to make larger scale vessels and objects, which excites me immensely. So stay tuned to see what I get up to in the new year. 

I'll keep making jewellery until the silly season is behind us. So, if you want to own or give to a loved one something that is made by hand with lots of love this Christmas come and visit the makers at the Show and Tell Pop-up Shop at the Art Gallery of Ballarat next weekend. 

Look forward to seeing you there dear reader. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Ansel Adams. Poplars, Cemetery near Mount Diablo, 
California. 1960. 

Image via my pinterest page 'my favourite photohraphers

This wonderful photograph looks like an embrace, I imagine that these trees may have been planted by a person who lost their lover, a memento of their endearing love for one another. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I love this guy, a free spirit, making people happy. We need more Tommy Franklins in this world of ours. We are all so concerned with what people think of us! Who cares! As long as you are not being offensive I think you should dance in the streets if that makes you feel good about you! Bravo Tommy Franklin, thanks for being you. 


I recently made these rings using, silver, gold, sapphires and tourmalines. I set the stones myself, it is something that I have taught myself over the years. I was given a quick lowdown on how to gypsy (or flush) set by a fabulous stone setter one day. This guy could set stones with his eyes shut and his hands tied behind his back, maybe not the hands tied bit but you get where I am going with this, he is so skilled at what he does, a rockin' stone setter. He told me it's as easy as pie, just drill a hole, then burr it out to fit the stone in and rub the metal around the stone to hold it into place. Easy, peesy lemon squeezy...well not really. It looks easy when someone shows you and then when you have a go, well it kind of goes wrong in every way. I stuck with it though and am glad to say that I can do gypsy setting if I want to. 

I hope that your day has been or is turning out to be fine dear reader, till next time.  

P.S. I am running a ring making workshop on Saturday 21st September at The Art Gallery of Ballarat. I will teach you how to measure, cut, solder and finish your very own silver ring. I will also show you how to make your ring truly unique with a variety of finishes. If you are interested check out more info at my workshops page on my website

Friday, August 2, 2013


It was a balmy 9 degrees celsius in The Rat today and I decided to do some tinkering in my studio which is currently located in the shed. To say it was a tad cold is a understatement, but you know what I had the best day (I even did a little happy dance when I made something I am really pleased with). Lately my resolve has been tested and I have been finding it difficult to focus on "the good stuff". Last night I thought I might watch a TED Talk, cause they always seem to inspire me and I picked this one (above). This was exactly what I needed to watch. Thank you Tania Luna, you and your family are pretty amazing human beings. You gave me the nudge I needed to get back on track. 

Today, I felt like a millionaire! I am grateful for having the time to make something, listen to some tunes and feel fine. So dear reader, I hope you can find something that makes you feel like a millionaire today. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Ryan's great creations above

Tam's brooch above

Ava's coloured repeat bird wing brooch above

Sophie's squid brooch above

A combination of Rachel and Chelsea's work above

Maddie's feather brooch below

Another workshop at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, using the 'The Art of Science' exhibition as a starting point. The exhibition is on until the 21st July, go check it out if you are near the 'Rat', it's a must see!